Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Red Bow Tie Dress

Well here it is, my Red Bow Tie Dress.

I am so pleased with finished product, one of the most rewarding things about sewing for me was when I finally started making things that could actually be worn, well in public without looking like a bag lady at least lol. Since I have mostly been teaching myself to sew I think I haven't done too bad of a job for someone who has really only been sewing for a bit over a year.

There were a few hiccups, for some reason the waistband was about two centimetres shorter than bodice and skirt widths, luckily I had a bit of room so i could bring in bodice and skirt without ending up with a dress too small or having to unpick and cut out and attach new waistband. I didnt bother doing a muslin as I had made up the other Rachel Comey pattern with the same skirt and waistband fit fine, oh well live and learn I guess.

The fabric is Japanese cotton and it is so light and soft and has a nice hand. Will be lovely and cool for summer.

                                                                   xxx Ruby Slippers


  1. That dress is fabulous, it fits perfectly and all the little details are adorable. I love how you've accessorized it too!