Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The 50's Blouse - Part One

I recently purchased this 1950's pattern for four different blouses, i selected pattern 4 a short sleeve scoop-neck with waist, back and neck darts and a tucked front.

I already had the metallic coated cotton (picked up earlier at spotlight, on sale for $4 a metre!).
It was a fairly easy pattern to sew, i didn't need to make any adjustments, although if i were making it in a more casual type fabric i would probably lengthen a little.
I decided to mark  pattern markings the old-fashioned way.. with tailors tacks, a little time consuming but i enjoyed it.

This fabric frayed easily, i went around and overcasted edges after tacking in darts.


There are facings at the neck front and back and on sleeves, this is where i ran into a little trouble... the facings kept turning out after i had sewn them in, so i unpicked and resewed, still the same problem. I ended up just doing a light ladder stich by hand to hold it in place, making sure to only pick up a few threads on pattern piece to ensure it wouldnt show on right side.

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