Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Dirndl Skirt and Other Weekend Adventures

I have this pretty floral tucked away from a while but hadnt found the right project, then, friday afternoon i was browsing some of Gertie's older posts and saw her Full Gathered Skirt Tutorial and it was perfect. It's very basic, two large rectangle pieces for front and back and one small for waistband. I whipped this baby up in just a few hours on saturday afternoon just in time to wear for my sunday outing!
My Sunday did not go quite as expected, I was planning to take a friend's daughter to see Avatar in 3d but our train was late then unusually full which made us even later, then as we arrived at Melbourne Central there was one of those random dance things where people sign up for a txt instructing them to meet at a certain time and place to take part in a choreographed dance in a crowd of unsuspecting peopl, it was hilarious but made us later still so by the time we made it to the cinema the movie had started, ticket line was snaking out the door, so we scrapped movie idea and spent our afternoon browsing through china town and finished off with cupcake from Little Cupcake and a nice hot english breakfast tea from starbucks.
I then spent the rest of my evening watching 500 Days of Summer and have to include a few pics of Zooey Deschanel, she has a fab quirky girl next-door style and can sing to boot i definetly recommend checking out her band She & Him it has a fantastic 60's vibe
How cute is Her little sailor top??

xx  Ruby Slippers

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