Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sequins on Sunday

Hi All,
I recently posted about my want for some winter shorts, well, here they are!
This is actually my second attempt, I made another pair yesterday which were.... WRONG!!

I was using a vintage pattern, so they needed the usual crotch adjustment, although I didnt need to add extra width to the waistband for this pattern which is unusual for patterns from this era (1947).

It was all going smoothly untill I attached cuffs, I had made a lining and when I added the cuff the shorts had a horrible bagginess, not the look I was going for. Then there was the buttonholes, my machine was not liking the fabric, the thread kept breaking, the needle wouldn't go through the fabric and I was tearing my hair out! Suffice to say It was a disaster!

I decided that I would completely start over (ever tried to unpick boucle?? not so easy) and this time went better.
I omitted lining and cuffs, and after some research used a different buttonhole option on my machine with much more sucess!!

So here's the finished product

the pattern I used

The sequin hood I bought off ebay ages ago

Both the fabric and buttons are vintge


  1. hi there, i really like the pattern you used. do you have a photo of the shorts against a lighter background? i think we would see the details better that way.

  2. So cute! They look very chic and toasty warm. I love the sequin hoodie - it's always time for sequins, I say. ;)

  3. Thank you!
    Marie, I am planning to do another outfit post with these shorts.
    Our weather was dark, wet and gloomy here so unfortunately it was hard to get good lighting