Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1970's Romantic Blouse

Yes it's another 1970's pattern, I blogged about it a few weeks ago when I purchased it here.

I made it up last week using some crepe georgette I had in my stash. I bought it on ebay for $2!! Bargain.

This was the first time I had actually used the emboidery stitches on my sewing machine other than mucking around. I designed the motif, the pattern actually comes with transfers but I didn't like the design with this fabric. I wanted something daintier.

The pattern also features underarm gussets, for those unfamiliar with vintage patterns a gusset is either a triangle or square piece of fabric that is inserted into a slit in the underarm of a garment. It's for comfort and ease of movement, they dont really use them anymore for modern patterns.  I have made several tops that have them so I'm pretty used to them but the first time I was making a pattern with one I had no clue and as a novice sewer was a little daunted!

Perfect for our beautiful Spring weather here in Melbourne. 
Also I have been posting jeans alot, I'm getting bored of them and I'm sure you guys are too, Self Stitched September is making me realise the items I really am missing, I'm planning to whip up a pair of high waist Marlene Dietrich-esque trousers. I have been checking out a few patterns and I really like Vogue 8604 which you can see made up by Green Apples here. I have looked at BurdaStyle's Bella but I think a plain front would be better suited for me ( I have seen some gorgeous versions of these trouser though, worth a look).
If anyone has suggestions I would greatly appriciate it! :-)

xxx Ruby Slippers 


  1. Cute! The colour is perfect for the style. Like what you did with the fancy stiching, it goes well with the square neckline


  2. Very cute, I really like those 70s peasant tops. Thanks for linking me - I really do love those pants! The only comment I have on them is that you really must be sure to stabilize the waist somehow, because high waist trousers without waistbands crease on me otherwise (I used a flexible plastic boning that I just sewed into the facing.) I can't wait to see them if you make them up!

  3. I LOVE it, it's exactly my kind of top! The fabric looks great, I love the wide, square neckline and the sleeves are dreamy :)