Wednesday, September 8, 2010

High Waist Trousers Inspiration

Well upon closer inspection of my pattern collection I realised I actually had not one not two but FOUR patterns featuring high waisted wider leg trousers, my mum liked this style in the 70's. I also did a little web trawling for inspiration and found it in some surprising places (you'll see lol).

I'm now leaning toward a flat front style as I have always found this really flattering, also not too much happening around my waist isn't my tiniest part and dont want bulk around this area.
I think I'll show you what I'm liking so far then let you in on my plan of attack :-)

these are two of my patterns, the other two kept photographing blurry so i decided not to picture, they are similar style minus front crease.

I also really liked these styles...

These pants worn by January Jones are the same style as my butterick pattern

Now I know, I know Heidi Montag but lets put that aside for a minute, these are great trousers, (I actually really like this whole outfit) the back detail is really cool

Kind of like a corset hey?

And of course I had to show something with Katherine Hepburn , the queen of the trousers lol

So I think I'll try the butterick pattern, I'm planning to get started on a muslin today and share the process with you.

xx Ruby Slippers


  1. OOoo... can't wait to see the muslin.

  2. Gotta love anything high waisted! And looking at photos of the elegant Katherine Hepburn is sure to make one's day more fashionable!

  3. I've been so into high waisted pants looks recently too: it looks so elegant and it gives such a great body frame. I never liked skiny pants.

  4. Did you make them? I've wanted to make them for a while, so I'm curious to see how they turned out for you!