Sunday, October 24, 2010

Retro Style Swimwear

Here in Australia summer is just around the corner, which of course, gets me thinking about my summer wardrobe and top of the list is a new bathing suit.
I usually go for a bit of a 50's look, even though im small I have a waist and hips so the styles tend to work well for me and they are so feminine and a bit more glam than the old triangle top and those tie pants that give you muffin top regardless of size.

I have been trawling the net for ideas and inspirations as I think this year I will make my own.
Now I have never attempted lingerie or anything of this sort before and as I'm planning on a top with underwire and some padding it should be a nice little challenge and broaden my sewing skills.

Have any of you ever tried to find a vintage pattern for a swimsuit? It is like mission impossible! from what I have seen ( finding, something,anything was hard enough!) they are more like playsuits and I already have a few vintage shorts patterns. I was hoping for a one piece or bikini with a little skirt but no dice. I wonder why that is, If anyone knows please share I am very curious! I am doing a bit of research into girdle patterns where I am hoping to have some more luck, keep your fingers crossed for me!

I really love the print on this one from hotel bondi swim they do some gorgeous retro styles 

xxx Ruby Slippers

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