Monday, August 15, 2011

Cushion Covers

I have never really felt the urge to venture into the world of sewing home furnishings, My passion has always been for clothing but recently when looking to brighten up my little place and get rid of the hideous existing curtains ( which were also useless as when you turned lights on at night they were completely see through, wonder how many neighbours copped an eyeful of me getting into my pj's before I realized?), and I dont know if you have seen the price of curtains these days but  can tell you they aint cheap. So i decided to grab some curtain fabric with the eyelets so all I had to do was serge and hem the edges and bottom, easy yes but boring as hell.
I also discovered there are some great furnishing fabrics out there and on friday discovered some really cool jacquard that went with my curtains and screamed out to be bought, cut up and made into cushion covers. It reminds me of a missoni print which I have always been a fan of, makes the couch more comfy for my big pregnant bod and add's colour to the place which make's me happy!

I used 51x51 cm cushion inserts and just cut my fabric in squares of 54x54 cm to allow of seams and zippers. I used 40cm invisible zips for the closures.
All four cusion covers took me less than 2 hours to cut and sew, including zips and the total cost came to just under $50 for fabric, inserts, zips and thread. a cheap and easy way to brighten up the lounge room.

xxx Ruby Slippers


  1. those are very stylish cushions!

  2. Thank you Colette, I'm really pleased with how they turned out :-)